"The Ages and Historical Records of Pianos sold in America"

If your are looking for piano history or genealogy help, then this is the place for you. Please note that this is a working list and not all data is complete. Therefore, use this list as a starting point, and not as a final source. Our information is intended for use in public libraries and educational institutions. 




The "Hackley" piano is made by the Chase-Hackley Piano Co. of Muskegon, Mich. It is a thoroughly reliable instrument, the product of an honorable house, and holds a high position in the musical world. The "Hackley" piano is named after the late president of the Chase-Hackley Piano Co., which well-known concern manufactures the piano in its perfectly equipped factory in Muskegon, Mich.



The career of the Haddorff pianos is by many in the art world regarded as phenomenal. These famous instruments encompass every form and attainment, including the Artistic Grands, Reproducing Pianos, Grand Reproducing Players, Player-pianos and uprights every phase of high grade piano manufacture, and the name of Haddorif is always the symbol of musical attainment. The attainment of power in a piano's name is a matter of such complexity of elements that to describe the way to that result in words is almost impossible. Haddorff pianos have so long stood as representatives of fine achievement in pianos that to refer to the evenness of tone, the responsiveness of action, and the charm of expression possible to the performer, would be to repeat that with which the piano world is already familiar. Haddorff pianos are recognized as models of piano artistry. They are instruments whose workings out have been, as is always the case with ambitious instruments, gradual and progressive through the years. The Haddorff scale is so finely shaded, and its tonal results so graduated, that there is no ear so acute as to detect where the dividing lines occur. And that is one of the triumphs of the scale draftsman work. It is the work of a master acoustician whose entire life has been devoted to piano development and the finest attainment of inborn skill and experience has found a culmination in the instruments that bear his name. Mr. C. A. Haddorff designed and created the first Haddorff piano.

The Haddorff sounding board is scientifically constructed with a view to obtaining the greatest resonance without in the least interfering with the clarity of tone and quality of tone power. Haddorff pianos are the results of the best material so carefully treated and adjusted and so finely finished in external and internal details that there is only reason for approval by the most critical. And this applies also to durability, giving to these instruments everything that the discriminating piano lover must demand, and insuring for the instrument itself the progressive career to which it was originally dedicated. The Haddorff player- piano is in every way the same creation as the Haddorff piano, equipped with the pneumatic action by which the utmost refinement of expression is easily possible. All of the effects possible to human interpretation are attainable with an accuracy absolutely dependable. The Haddorff Reproducing Piano is electrically controlled and is representative of the latest advance in this marvelous instrument by which the performances of the greatest pianist may be reproduced with fidelity to the most delicate tonal results of accent, tonal control and technique. Haddorif pianos have attained' an immovable place in the world of art, and they are everywhere recognized for the influence they exert in musical life and in the business attainments of their representatives.



Since its establishment, the Haines Bros. piano has been one of the leading high grade and artistic pianos. It remained, however, for the present day piano to attain its greatest eminence. The name of Haines Bros. has been of powerful influence in the trade and commands a higher regard today than at any previous time in its history. The present line of Haines Bros. pianos, both grands and uprights, and player-pianos embody everything that is required in the way of quality. The Haines Bros, piano has become known as the official college piano by reason of there being, in all probability, more Haines Bros. pianos in actual use in the most representative conservatories and Institutions of musical learning in this country than any other piano. All of these pianos were selected and purchased by these institutions after severe and critical tests. The Haines Bros. piano has been for many years a favorite with many of the world's most famous artists. The list of artists runs into the hundreds and would tabulate here like a musical directory, but space prohibits its insertion. Two interesting and important books have been published in the interest of the Haines Bros. Piano, "The Artist's Choice," containing a portrait" of famous artists with their testimonials, and "Golden Opinions" with hundreds of letters from colleges, conservatories, and other institutions of learning.



This widely known piano was established by Mr. W. P. Haines of the distinguished family of New York piano manufacturers. It is an instrument of unchallenged quality and it is manufactured under conditions well designed to continue in the esteem of the critical piano buying public. Associated with the manufacturers of the WP Haines & Co. piano is Mr. T. Lloyd Jones, a grandson of the original creator of pianos bearing the name of Haines. All of the members of W. P. Haines & Co. are experienced piano experts, and their ambition to produce instruments of distinction and character has long been recognized and realized. The player-piano bearing the same name is no less commendable for its fine qualities. It is the special wish and aim of the makers of these instruments that they are never confused with any others bearing similar names. A large new addition to the factory was made in the summer of 1917 and the manufacturing Capacity thereby greatly increased, proportionately to the rapidly growing demand.



Among the oldest American pianos and one whose career has reflected credit upon the American art industries. Hallet, Davis & Co. can trace its origins to the year 1835. It was among the oldest of the historic Boston piano companies.  Many world-famous pianists have chosen Hallet, Davis & Co. as their favorite piano. The world-renown composer Franz Liszt played on one at the great Paris exposition in 1867. In 1911, His Holiness, Pope Pius X selected a Hallet, & Davis & Co. piano for the Vatican, and awarded the Hallet, & Davis Company a gold medal in recognition of the beautiful qualities of the instrument. In November 1925, the Hallet & Davis Piano Co. was acquired by the Premier Grand Corporation of New York, which continued the manufacture of the famous grand piano which so long came from Boston. Building a piano is a demanding and precise art. It is a task based on knowledge and experience, and on the devotion of the builders to an unswerving ideal - never to compromise quality.

This company has continued to expand and today it is everywhere regarded as the high grade product of one of America's most ambitious piano industries Hallet & Davis pianos and player-pianos contain all modern improvements and are used by many eminent pianists and have won the endorsement of almost countless critics and experts. Hallet & Davis pianos are made in grand and upright styles, the grand pianos having been chosen by many artists for their public performances. Whatever the style and form, these pianos are strictly high grade instruments.

With the globalization of the world economy, Hallet, Davis & Co. found it impossible to build pianos in the United States because of the high labor costs. Due to the high man-hours involved in producing these pianos, they were forced, like many other piano manufacturers to move their production overseas. Hallet, Davis & Co. have partnered with overseas manufacturers to produce a high quality, aesthetically pleasing pianos at affordable prices.

Hallet, Davis & Co. collaborated with these manufactures to produce an impressive number of high quality pianos. Grand pianos in both traditional and Victorian period styles. Queen Anne and Chippendale models are featured as well as Decorator Consoles and Professional Uprights. There are also Continental and Studio styles available in a myriad of beautiful veneers and finishes. If they were to award Academy Awards or Grammies for performance by a piano, Hallet & Davis would have a wall full of them.



Manufactured by the Hamilton Piano Co., Chicago, Ill. The Hamilton Piano Co.'s extensive factories are located at Chicago I eights, Ill. The products of the factories are very large and form an important part of the output controlled by the Baldwin Piano Co. Hamilton pianos, comprising upright, grand and reproducing pianos. (The Hamilton Manualo is a player-piano of extraordinary merit. It combines the qualities of the Hamilton pianos with a scientifically constructed player mechanism. It is absolutely sure to give lasting satisfaction. Refer to the Baldwin Piano Co. and Hamilton Piano Co.



Made by Hardman. Peck & Co., one of the distinguished American piano industries, with a world wide reputation for the utmost reliability. Hardman pianos are note for their technical qualities, for their purity, delicacy, the artistic beauty of their cases, and for their remarkable durability. The Period designs are handsome and accurate. They have been made for more than eighty-three years. The Hardman five foot grand is the most popular of the Hardman pianos because of its convenient size and reasonable price. The Hardman has been the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York for the past fourteen years and a letter from the management to the makers of the piano states that the eighteen Hardman pianos in constant use in the opera house are noted for their fine quality, fullness and great durability give them high satisfaction in spite of the fact that they are subjected to extremely heavy usage, due to the almost ceaseless rehearsals that are conducted here.".



The Hammond piano, and player-pianos manufactured by the Straube Piano Company, are instruments of high quality: they please the most discriminating musical taste. The Straube Piano Company recognizes the fact that pianos and player-pianos can be no better than the material and workmanship which go into them, and has built up its reputation on a solid foundation of satisfied customers. The Hammond slogan: "Built by those who know pianos." Those who know," is a literal statement of fact. Countless satisfied owners are the result of years of dependable manufacturing.



Iinstruments of beautiful tone and reliable construction which are from the factory of the Story & Clark Piano Co.



A remarkably effective automatic piano which is a favorite for places of entertainment. Manufactured by the Nelson-Wiggen Piano Co., of Chicago.



Manufactured in the Harrington Department of Hardman, Peck & Co., New York. A moderately priced instrument of superior qualities. Its beautiful tone is satisfying to the critical musician: its sympathetic touch fairly invites the fingers by its delightful responsiveness. And these vital qualities are perpetuated by a durability which results from the use of the best material manipulated by expert workmanship. Special attention has been given to Harrington case designs. The wide variety of styles and the several different woods employed in the Harrington pianos renders it a simple matter to satisfy any taste and to choose a piano in harmony with any proposed environment. The Harrington Midget, with the same qualities as are in the larger pianos, has a marvelous tone for so small a piano.



The name of handsome and dependable uprights, grand, and player pianos manufactured by the Hartford Piano Co., of Chicago. The Hartfords are medium priced instruments in which there is large value for moderate investment. Perfectly reliable and safe instruments to buy and the guaranteed products of an industry of the utmost reliability.



Reliable pianos and player-pianos of great attractiveness are manufactured by the Harvard Piano Co. Dayton, Ky. They are recognized for being among the most popular and salable instruments on the market. They possess distinct individuality and musical merit and are in every respect thoroughly well made and strictly reliable instruments. The Harvard is owned exclusively by the John Church Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio.



One of America's oldest and most famous pianos, established in 1849, thus being one of the pioneers' piano industries of reliability and distinction. It is a well-known fact that pianos originally built by this house are still in good condition musically. They make a full line, including player pianos and grands and also install the renowned Welte-Mignon, under Welte-Mignon patents in both uprights and grands. Hazelton grands are famous throughout large clienteles of musical critics.



Pianos bearing this name are from the factory of Hardman, Peck &Company which guarantees their reliability. The name is a registered trademark belonging to Hardman. Peck & Co. These instruments are also made in upright Reproducing pianos, using the Welte-Mignon actions.



George Henkelman, Jr., president of the Henkelman Piano Mfg. Co., of New York, organized the company in June 1922, to make popular pianos and player pianos. Factory, 7097 East 140th St. New York. The Henkelnian instruments are of the kind music lover's buy, because they are handsome in design, beautifully finished and of the sweet quality of tone most admired. Mr. Henkelman being himself an expert piano maker, understands the demand and supplies it. Henkelman pianos are durable in every respect and they have made good progress, with trade and public.



The Herbert piano contains the latest and most modern improvements, as well as a number of special features of superior merit, enabling the performer to play the music of the masters with ease and effect. All Herbert pianos are fully warranted and are thoroughly reliable and safe pianos to buy.



The C. J. Heppe & Son is the leading piano made by the Heppe Piano Co. The pianos made under the direction of the Heppe Piano Co. are produced by two factories in uptown Philadelphia. The Heppe Piano Co.'s product differs from all other pianos because that they have three sounding boards instead of one, an invention which was patented in 1902 in the United States and foreign countries.



By Kimball, Chicago, Illinois - French Lick, Indiana

This popularly known piano and also player- pianos are manufactured in Chicago, are thoroughly reliable and bear the guaranty of the manufacturer. Charter for the manufacture controlled by W. W. Kimball.



Pianos and player pianos were made in their modern and completely equipped factory at East Rochester, N.Y. These instruments had an excellent reputation for their quality of tone and durability. Their players' mechanisms were installed with great accuracy and operate with an ease which had been warmly praised.



This name is that of high grade pianos and player pianos made by the Holland Piano Mfg. Co., of Minneapolis. Minn., and Menomonie, Wis. Holland pianos and player-pianos are admirably refined and musical: their case designs are handsome, and the material and construction are durable and reliable. These instruments may be recommended. That they are instruments of the kind that win prompt approval is seen in the fact that they are today in demand with a class of piano buyers who have the ability to discriminate and who would not entertain the thought of any other than representative instruments. The Holland factory is under the management of Mr. James E. Sleeper, a well-known expert.



A good piano of moderate price, made by Smith, Barnes & Strohber Co., in their large factory at North Milwaukee, WI. The Hoffmann piano has been on the market for many years and has proved to be of durable construction and in every way reliable. The tone is of the quality that attracts a great many people and the case designs are at once beautiful and original in decorative details. The manufacturers are among the largest in the American piano industry, with factories in Chicago and Milwaukee, and the house is of unquestioned financial standing.



Pianos and player-pianos of dependable construction and attractive musical qualities bearing this famous name ire the products of Strich & Zeidler of New York.



A well-established piano, made by C. C. Hornung Inc. These pianos were first made in San Francisco in 1872. and have always been sold as a high grade instrument. Mr. Homung uses nothing but the best of materials, actions and keys. He obtained highest award and gold medal at Midwinter fair in 1894.



Pianos bearing this name are the product of The Howard Piano Co. of Cincinnati. The "Howard" is a well-made instrument of absolute reliability and durability, backed by one of the strongest and greatest houses in the trade. The Howard player-pianos are distinguished by mechanical thoroughness, together with the application of scientific principles. The Howard school piano is a universal favorite with public schools and the musically informed. The Howard small grand piano is an instrument very highly regarded by music lovers The Howard coin operated piano is strict to give satisfaction and is a universal favorite. Baldwin Piano Co.



Pianos and player pianos, also electrically and manually operated. Manufactured by the Huntington Piano Company at its factory in Shelton, Conn. The Huntington Piano Co., incorporated in 1894, is a substantial industry, the product of which holds a good place with the piano buying public. The Huntington pianos and player pianos are of the durable kind that withstand the wear of years and present a beautiful appearance, their case designs being graceful and their construction good throughout. The name of Huntington is one in which the piano merchants find an influence that creates business, and their customers realize full value for their investment in the instrument of music.




This name is used exclusively by The Cable Company to designate, their player mechanism. To the words "Inner-Player" The Cable Company adds the word "Carola" when the mechanism is built into the Carola Inner-Player line has added the word "Euphona" when the mechanism is built into the Euphona Inner-Player line. This player-action represents the latest development in the player-piano field. Its many exclusive features are made and patented by The Cable Company, Chicago.



Reliable pianos and player-pianos manufactured by the M. Schulz. Co. Chicago. Irving pianos are well made, possessing durable qualities, and give the best of satisfaction wherever used. The makers are one of the wealthiest and most enterprising corporations with a reputation second to none. Financial standing is unquestioned. Refer also to M. Schulz Co.



This piano and also player-piano belongs to the famous line of instruments manufactured by the Story & Clark Piano Co. of Chicago. The factory was at Grand Haven, Mich. Reliable and beautiful instruments.



A piano long established and extensively advertised. Ivers & Pond pianos have gained a prominent position before the public and they are in every respect meritorious instruments, as are the player pianos of the same make.

This old established, nationally prominent, and highly regarded concern continues with its policy of building only pianos of high quality. Incorporated in 1880

The Ivers & Pond piano is noted for its structural integrity, extreme durability and charming tone quality. It has always enjoyed a wide national distribution, and the house has never changed from the original corporate form chosen at the start.

Over seven hundred conservatories and schools and over eighty thousand homes throughout the country use Ivers & Pond Pianos. In years past the company has been one of the most extensive and consistent advertisers in the piano industry so that the name "Ivers & Pond" has become almost a household word in musical circles throughout the land. Many practical improvements and special features enhancing durability and tonal qualities have been developed in the Ivers & Pond factories and particular attention has been paid to artistic styling of the various piano types. The historic policy of this well-known house, of building quality instruments only, is being strictly maintained, as is also their principle of constantly striving to give greater value to the purchaser.




Manufactured by the Jacob Bros. Co., In the large piano manufacturing plant New York City. The Jacob Bros. Co. is one of the most progressive and Successful concerns in the piano industry. They have several retail stores in the city of New York and in other important cities of the east. Their wholesale trade is very large and substantial. Jacob Brothers pianos and player-pianos are durable instruments, their finish being exceptionally fine and the tone quality satisfying. They received an award at the World Columbian Exposition, in 1893, and have been the recipients of many encomiums from the music trade and public. Jacob Brothers have large financial interests in other noted makes of pianos, and also a controlling interest in one of the finest equipped piano case factories in this country; they have recently acquired an action factory of old established reputation, and altogether have taken a prominent position in the piano industry.



An old, honorable and valued name in the American piano industry. The James & Holmstrom instruments have long been noted for their excellence of material, durability and tine tone qualities, one valuable feature in the construction of these pianos being the transposing keyboard. The small grands that bear this name have attracted widespread attention among critics in the musical worth by reason of their unusual excellence. The James & Holmstrom factory comprises commodious quarters at Alexander Ave. and l33rd St., New York, devoted exclusively to the manufacture of these fine instruments. The reproducing and player-pianos of this make are equally admirable in every particular.



One of the most respected names , among manufacturer of keyboard instruments in America today, and one of tile few remaining companies in the industry still controlled and actively directed by the descendants of the founding family. The Janssen family owned and operated one of the largest and best equipped piano manufacturing plants in New York City, where skilled artisans perpetuate a tradition of more than 100 years of dedication to the highest standards of quality piano construction. The company's steadfast insistence on integrity of craftsmanship and superiority of materials has earned for its products a truly distinctive reputation, not only with other manufacturers, hut with America's foremost piano dealers and the music loving public everywhere.

Although the Janssen piano has gained a broad acceptance among schools, musical institutions, and teachers of music, it has become widely known as "The Home Piano of America" because of the many exclusive features and qualities that make it the ideal instrument for use and enjoyment in the home, the traditional cradle of musical appreciation and learning. The superiority of the Janssen piano was the result of the company's continued policy of product research and refinement, and few companies in the industry can point to such an impressive record of successful improvements in design, materials, beauty of tone, mechanical excellence, and the efficiency and exactness of manufacturing procedures. Proud owners of Janssen pianos throughout the United States and in many foreign lands as well are reaping the benefits of this policy of product improvement and development, for no other piano has so much lasting value built into it, and no piano, regardless of price, has all the exclusive features found in a Janssen. The Janssen Console line of quality leaders in the fine piano field are found many of the exclusive features that make the purchase of a Janssen such a sound investment. One of them, the built-in Music Desk Light, has been proclaimed as one of the most beneficial improvements in the history of piano manufacturing. The soft illumination of this fluorescent light, directly below the music, makes other room lights unnecessary and is a priceless safeguard of good eyesight for children and adults alike. The light also effectively combats dampness:, the greatest enemy of a piano's delicate inner mechanism.

The remarkable strength and durability of grand piano construction is achieved in Janssen's exclusive four-section cast iron plate, which guarantees longer instrument life and greater tone quality. This is but another of the numerous quality features that make the Janssen the superlative instrument that it is and assure the purchaser of a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction. Other fine and desirable Janssen Mignon features include beautiful hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, truly authentic period styles, responsive Direct-Blow Action, solid Sitka Spruce sounding boards, sturdy six-post backs, three functional pedals, including bass sustaining, reinforced moth-proof hammers, Maple tuning pin bushings, and the most rigid pin-block construction possible, through Hard-Rock Maple laminations and nickel-plated pin-block locks.

It was not only the intrinsic quality of Janssen piano construction that kept the Janssen name in the forefront of the industry, but also the success of the company's engineering imagination. The Janssen Spinet, for instance, is the smallest full-keyboard spinet piano in the world with standard Direct-Blow Action, and represented one of the truly great piano values on the market .

The Janssen Chord Piano was another much-publicized invention born of the inspiration and know-how of Janssen technicians, that by an integral system of diminutive colored lights, enabled anyone, regardless of age, to sit down and have fun at the piano without ever having had a lesson.

The best understanding of the continued excellence of the Janssen Piano can be found in the words of the famous Janassen Creed, which was written many years ago by the founder and summarizes the principles that govern the company today:

"This is my creed and on it I have built my Piano and Reputation! To give you as nearly as possib!e a dollar's value for every dollar you give me. To treat you as I want to be Justly. Since you may possibly know little or nothing about the material or craftsmanship that goes into the piano you bought, you must naturally rely on me. I want you to do that-and I promise that your confidence shall not be misplaced. Following this creed for a life time , has earned a Janassen reputation, that my product and methods must; maintain. I want to be right and do right. If I fail in any one thing, it will never be because I wanted to."



These attractive and sweet toned pianos are the products of The Jesse French & Sons Piano Co., of New Castle, Indiana. They are met with favor with a class of music lovers who want reliable instruments for family or home use. The Jefferson piano is durable in construction, and it is fully sustained by the company's guarantee. In September 1919 Mr. Johnson organized the Henry G. Johnson Piano Mfg. Co., secured the factory at Bellevue, Iowa, which has been in operation for very many years, and commenced the manufacture of Henry G. Johnson player-pianos exclusively. The Henry G. Johnson instruments have won success by their sterling merits. They are more and more in demand as the trade and public become familiar with their desirable qualities, and the fact that the factory has been enlarged by an addition 400 feet long by 80 feet wide speaks in positive terms of the progress which has been made, and this condition augurs well for the future.



Jewett pianos have been made in New England continuously for more than sixty years and sold throughout the United States and abroad. Used and endorsed by famous musicians, Jewett pianos are famed for their thoroughness of construction, fullness of tone and exceptional ability for standing in tune under changing conditions. Factory, Leominster, Mass.



The name of the president of the E. P. Johnson Piano Co., of Elgin and Ottawa, Ill. Mr. Johnson is a thoroughly skilled and experienced piano maker, having designed and built some of the famous instruments besides those of its own industry, which is one of the most flourishing. The E. P. Johnson pianos and player-pianos are in every way distinguished by quality and up to date characteristics. E. P. Johnson pianos are dependable in every respect, and they are favorites with many of the foremost dealers.



One of the three pianos made by the Heppe Piano Co., of Philadelphia and New York. This piano is equipped with Three Sounding Boards (patented) instead of the usual one. And is on sale by C. J. Heppe & Son, Philadelphia. (Established 1865.)




The forerunner of today's full line of Kawai grand and console pianos was manufactured in Japan in 1899.

Kawai was founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai (1886-1955).  As a child, he lived next door to Torakusu Yamaha (who had studied watch making under a British engineer) and at the age of 12 helped him build Japan’s first pianos. He worked with Yamaha until the latter’s death in 1927. Kawai then founded the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in Hamamatsu. Within a year, Koichi Kawai became the first to design and build a piano action in Japan and just one year later he had built his first grand piano.

Yamaha and Kawai pianos are characterized by their extraordinary consistency of quality. These companies soon dominated the market for medium sized grand pianos – their pianos costing only a third to a half of the equivalent Steinway – and achieved a more than respectable presence on the concert platform.

Kawai stands out as being not only consistent in quality but also innovative in its use of synthetic materials. Kawai offers better service and warranties in the U.S. Both Kawai and Yamaha are typically Japanese in making large investments in research and development of piano technologies and in their commercial approach to penetrating overseas markets – starting with design and market analysis to produce saleable products.

Today, Kawal pianos, made by Kawal Musical Instruments, Hamamatsu, Japan, are distributed throughout the U.S. by Kawal America Corporation, a wholly-owned factory subsidiary.



1891 and is making a few very good instruments for the retail A small industry was established in trade of their makers. Office, 3301 Beach St., Chicago.



Conservative concern in good standing making small numbers of pianos for retail trade, exclusively, at Hazleton, Pa. established in 1883.



Commercial pianos and player pianos made at No. 18 Horatio St., New York.



A medium grade piano manufactured by the P. A. Starck Piano Co. of Chicago. Good piano at a reasonable price, and the product of an industry so responsible that its purchaser is absolutely secure.



The unlimited enterprise and commercial strength of the W. W. Kimball Co., Chicago, manufacturers of the "Kimball" piano have pushed forward the fame and triumphs of the instrument. The "Kimball" has received endorsements from both the public and the professional, on the artistic elements of the piano world and that to an extent that has been rarely equaled. The Kimball received the highest awards Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, 1902, and the Panama-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, l910 and 1912. The Kimball is made under conditions which, to an almost absolute degree assure perfect adaptation and fitting together of its parts. The plant in which it is manufactured is one of the finest and best equipped in the world there being few which approach it in magnitude of production or in the perfection of its adaptation to the purpose for which it is designed. The manufacturers of the "Kimball" are men of long experience in the musical instrument industry. The Kimball concert grand has been used by and is the preference of and has been endorsed by a large number of artists many of whom while using it has scored their greatest public triumphs as concert soloists.



Pianos and player-pianos of admirable character which were founded in l902 by the late Henry Keller. In the summer of 1916 the industry was purchased by Wilfred Piano Co. and the already excellent quality of the pianos and player-pianos have been fully sustained.



Pianos made by practical piano men in their factory. The pianos are reliable, musical and desirable. Player-pianos are equally attractive and a small grand has also been added to the Kindler & Collins line of popular instruments. The Kindler & Collins instruments are made in various case designs and always with a view to symmetry and beauty. They are sold by many of the foremost piano houses throughout the country and steadily gain in favor wherever introduced. A name of recognized standing, on the piano is the best possible assurance of character and reliability.



The popular instruments bearing this name are the product of The Cable Co., of Chicago, one of the largest, as well as most progressive piano manufacturing industries of the world. The "Kingsbury" is an attractive instrument, backed by a house of great resources and of highest responsibility. The "Kingsbury" pianos possess unusual attractiveness in case design and finish, besides having excellent musical qualities. They are of the characteristically popular kind, in which general style and the grace of design are wedded to those even more important considerations of musical tone and durability of construction. There are many reasons why the New Scale Kingsbury piano is an unusual value. In the first place, the makers are piano men of long standing; in the second place, their large capital and resources, more than nine million dollars, means big buying power: means getting the best materials the market affords at the right price; and it has also meant the equipping of their two great factories with every facility for turning out the best work in the best way. Finally, the makers of the Kingsbury piano insist upon building all parts of their pianos, even to the actions, sounding boards and keyboards, in their own plant, where they supervise not only the workmanship, but the inspection of all raw materials. The guarantee of the manufacturers is backed by unquestioned financial responsibility.



Pianos and player-pianos bearing this name are made by The Rudolph Wurlitizer Co. The Kingston was a handsome and in every way a desirable instrument.



This is the name of one of the popular pianos and players from the industry of the Henry B. Johnson Piano Co., of Belleville, Iowa. Kirschner pianos are made in attractive case designs and of durable construction and pleasing tone quality. They are intended for the popular trade, and in that they have won recognition and a wide sale. The factories at Bellevue. Iowa, are extensive and perfectly equipped for speedy and accurate production.



The distinguished and time-honored instruments which bear this celebrated name are manufactured by Wm. Knabe & Co., Inc., one of America's oldest industries. Knabe pianos have an artistic record dating back to the year 183, when the instrument was founded by the late Wm. Knabe, in Baltimore, Md. Mr. Knabe had been working in different factories before he established his own instrument, having arrived in this country in 1832. His earlier knowledge had been acquired in the famous factories of Germany. Re was a man of great mechanical ability and possessed of ideals which mark the man of genius. These ideals have been sustained and imbedded in the Knabe piano to this day through all of more than eighty two years since the first instrument bearing the name appeared in Baltimore. In the succession of practical workers in the factories of Wm. Knabe & Co. has been generations of experts, descendants of the original workmen and members of the Knabe family. These skilled men gained their training in the Knabe factory and it is not long since a census of the Knabe employees proved the interesting fact that more than one third of the men have been employed by Wm. Knabe & Co. for from fifteen to more than fifty years, an average for the entire force of eighteen and a half years. When Wm. Knabe died in 1864 his two sons, Ernst and Wm. Knabe, Jr., and his son-in-law, Chas. Seidel, came into practical control of the rapidly expanding industry. Branch houses were opened in several cities, including New York and Washington. At the death of Ernst Knabe, who had become one of the most popular and able piano manufacturers the industry has ever known and later of his brother, Wm. Knabe, Jr., the direction of the business fell to Chas. Keidel. Subsequently the house was incorporated with a capital of $l00, 000. and in 1908 it became a division of the American Piano Co. Today the house of Wm. Knabe & Sons is stronger more ambitious and progressive than ever before in its long history. It produces grand and upright pianos and player pianos. Both in manufacturing ability and commercial integrity the house stands unquestioned. The factories in Baltimore are among the biggest and best equipped in the world and the plant, including lumber yards, covers more than six acres and embraces 392,000 feet of floor space. The distinction of the Knabe pianos is worldwide. They combine a rare degree power and sweetness of tone, delicacy and a poetic singing character and a beauty of case design and finish not surpassed. Many of the world's great artists have used the Knabe pianos in their public concerts, and Knabe grands have taken part in the concert tours of a large proportion of the famed virtuoso. They have also been used in the concert halls throughout the United States and the public schools of New York City for many years. They are sold all over the United States by prominent piano houses as well as in foreign countries, there being many agencies throughout Europe and elsewhere.

On January 1,1912 Chas. Seidel Jr., the son of Chas. Seidel and grandson of Wm. Knabe 1. was elected to office of president of Wm. Knabe & Co. On Mr. Keidel Jr.'s, death in April 1913, Mr. Wm. B. Armstrong, a man of long experience and tried ability in connection with the piano industry, in its various departments was made president. Mr. R.K. Paynter who had long been manager of the Washington and New York branches of the house, was elected vice-president and general manager. In March 1922, Mr. Paynter was advanced to the presidency of this distinguished and time-honored institution. Mr. Paynter had been connected with the house since 1899. Factories, Baltimore, Md.



Charles Kotiler pianos are made by Kohler & Campbell, Inc., of 601-615 West 50th St., New York. This organization has one of the largest outputs of pianos and player-pianos in the world. These Charles Kohler pianos, player-pianos, electric expression pianos, reproducing pianos and grands, are the products de luxe of the instruments manufactured by this institution. They represent the best skill and knowledge of the late Mr. Charles Kohler, who was recognized as one of the instruments is notable for tonal purity and tonal volume, handsome and artistic case designs, beautiful finish and easy, responsive actions. They are highly esteemed in every detail, being the exponents of splendid craftsmanship, skill and infinite care in production.



Manufactured by Kohler & Campbell, Inc. New York City, one of the leading piano industries and possessing several large factories. Their progress had been remarkable, not only in the enormous output of pianos, but also in the constant improvement of their instruments, which were distinguished for their durability and excellent tone lasting quality, and in consequence they have won position in the front ranks of reliable makes of pianos. The latest additions to this popular line are baby grand pianos, electric expression players and reproducing pianos (licensed under Welte-Mignon patents). The Kohler & Campbell baby grand instrument is distinguished for its beautiful tone, extraordinary tonal volume and handsome appearance. This artistic instrument is one of the smallest grand pianos made. The Kohler & Campbell electric expression player may be played either by hand, by treadles with music rolls or by electric power. The Kohler & Campbell reproducing piano may be played by hand as a piano as a player-piano, using any Standard 88 note roll and as a reproducing piano. There are thousands of Welte-Mignon music records available for this remarkable instrument.

The Kohler & Campbell house is one of the most enterprising and progressive in the entire industry. Their pianos are of the kind that please the popular taste and there are more than 230,000 of these pianos now in use. These pianos are also exported in large numbers and are remarkable for the manner in which they withstand climatic and geographical extremes.

Kohler & Campbell was one of the largest piano companies in America at one time, producing as many as sixty different names at a time, many of which were stencils (private labels) during and after the great depression. Kohler & Campbell purchased many piano factories throughout the United States. Kohler & Campbell pianos were well built and make excellent entry level pianos in good condition. Many of their pianos were handcrafted in many respects. In later years as a result of being manufactured in the heartland of the American furniture industry where raw material's availability and craftsmanship were passed on from generation to generation. See also: Astor, Brambach, Davenport, Milton, Behning, J.C. Campbell, Hazleton, Stratford, Behr Brothers, Celeste,Charles Kohler, Tom Thumb, Francis Bacon, Francis , Classic, Kroger, and Waldorf



On January1, 1915, Mr. Frederick Koth, an experienced piano maker entered into partnership with Mr.Harry Bayer, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. In 1923 Mr. Koth retired from the firm.



The house was established in 1869. and the piano bearing this name is the product of a family of musicians as well as mechanics of skill in the art of piano building. The grand pianos manufactured by this estimable house are recognized in musical circles as instruments of superior merit. because of their artistic tone quality. The Krakauer grands have maintained a high place among the artistic American instruments. They are splendid specimens of piano design and in their tone quality and power they challenge admiration and meet the highest commendation of the most critical. The Krakauer reproducing pianos are types of the highest development. Krakauer player pianos are no less admirable. They enhance the latest improvements and have from the first been recognized as containing many novel and exclusive features.



Among the special improvements claimed for the Kranich & Bach piano are the Violin plate (a full metal plate with slanting pin block); the patented spiral spring washer; folding music rack and fall board in the uprights; and the Isotonic pedal which eliminates the shifting action in the grand. The Kranich & Bach upright and grand pianos have been before the public for more than a half century and during that time have held the same position they now occupy. The Kranich & Bach player-piano containing a player action manufactured completely in the Kranich & Bach factory is in every way as admirable as the piano of the same makers. A popular Kranich & Bach instrument is the "Grandette," a standard grand piano only 4' 9" long.


KREITER Made by the Kreiter Manufacturing Co. Inc., in their new, modern and a well-equipped factory. with all the latest machinery for the interior of the piano, as well as the wood working parts, such as the cases, backs, etc., which are all made in their own factory, located at Marinette, Wisconsin. The Kreiter plant covers seven acres of land. Daily capacity, thirty pianos. The Kreiter pianos are made in grands, uprights and player-pianos. They are standard instruments of high-class design and are noted for admirable tone qualities, affording ample power and expressive effects. These instruments have easily won hosts of friends. The Kreiter player-pianos are equally desirable and very popular instruments. This company also makes the Waldemar piano, named after the son of the president of the Kreiter Manufacturing Co., and which has met with success and which presages a place of genuine popularity for the pianos from Wisconsin.



Wherever good pianos are known, the Kurtzamann is a prime favorite. This celebrated instrument is available in the Reproducing Grand, with the famous Welte-Mignon (licensee) action. A magnificent concert grand, a charming parlor grand and a variety of baby grands. It is also made in uprights and upright players and the Kurtzmann line has recently been augmented by the development of a high grade four foot four vertical grand and vertical player grand. This firm is one of the country's oldest piano makers, having been established by Christian Kurtzmann in 1848. During the 77 years that have followed. the company has steadfastly adhered to the quality ideals of its founder and chosen to grow by adhesion to sound methods of production and merchandising. The Kurtzmann has won a distinct position as a musical instrument of high character. The goal has been to make each Kurtzmann a musical and artistic masterpiece. True craftsmanship is found in even the minutest details, and the Kurtzmann company has long been famed for its skill in the selection and matching of choice mahogany or walnut veneers. Special attention is given to the finishing of Kurtzmann instruments, ample time being taken to assure a finish that like the piano itself, will assure a lifetime of service. The tone quality of every Kurtzmann is developed along the most approved lines, so that t will appeal to critic and novice alike. Full laminated bridges, pin blocks, reinforced sounding boards, as well as overall metal plates are mechanical features of Kurtzmann practice that strongly appeal to those who are accustomed to appraising piano values and the Kurtzmann has become far famed as a piano that is much higher in values than it is in price. The Kurtzmann line is particularly well presented in the latest Kurtzmann art catalog, which will be promptly mailed upon request.



The Krell grand, upright and player-pianos are the famous and very popular products of the Werner Industries Company, successor to the Krell Piano Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. Krell pianos and player-pianos have been favorites in the musical world for a great many years. They are durable, handsome, and desirable instruments.



The grand and reproducing grand pianos, player pianos and upright pianos which bear this distinguished name are known wherever music is appreciated. The name of Kroeger is an old and honorable one in the piano trade. The makers of the Kroeger have been piano makers for more than sixty years, and the Kroeger industry is one in which musical America has taken pride. The factory at New York City.




Widely known pianos and players are made and marketed by: the Jesse French & Sons Piano Co., New Castle, Ind., who are the proprietors and exclusive factors for the same. Lagonda pianos are fully warranted by the Jesse French & Sons Piano Co., which is adequate assurance of the merit of the instruments and the responsibility of their makers. The Lagonda pianos and players, both foot-power and electric, are made in a large variety of styles and sizes as well as all the fancy woods. They are handled by many of the most enterprising piano houses in this country as well as being exported to lands beyond the seas. They are attractive and thoroughly reliable instruments. The Lagonda player-piano enjoys a daily increasing demand which tells plainly of its merits and satisfaction giving qualities. The advertising phrases used in connection with these instruments tell the story: "Lagonda Pianos, Maximum Values": "Lagonda Pianos, thousands in use and the demand increasing."



Well-made instruments manufactured by the Cable-Nelson Piano Co., of Chicago and South Haven, Mich. Lakeside pianos are produced with greatest care, according to the well-known standards of this progressive house. Their musical quality is excellent and their case designs are especially attractive. They are considered exceptional value, and are sold by many of the leading piano merchants of the country. Lakeside pianos and player-pianos enjoy a well-merited popularity and their place in the trade is securely established. The company is responsible in every way.



The Lauter piano and the Lauter Humana player-piano's have been made for many years and lay claim to distinctive features. The Lauter Co. was established in 1862 in Newark, N.J.



Made by H. Lehr & Co., Easton, Pa. This concern was organized in 1890 and has had a continuous record of successfully producing fine instruments. The original owner. Horace Lehr, is still at the head and now has associated with him his two sons, Horace A. Lehr and Henry S. Lehr. A complete line of Lehr upright, player, electric player, grand and reproducing grand pianos are made. Their high musical value is recognized throughout the country as well as their reliability and beauty, of construction. Manufactured under most favorable conditions, instruments of high quality are produced at a reasonable cost. The LaFayette pianos and player-piano's are also made by H. Lebr & Co. to supply the demand for good instruments at a popular price.



Admirable pianos and player pianos bearing this name have appeared since 1859, when the industry producing these instruments was established in New York City. The Leins piano is thoroughly well made, of choice materials It Is the product of E. Leins Piano Co., incorporated, at the head of which is Mr. E. Leins, whose name the piano bears. Fredrick B. Roth, secretary and treasurer. It may easily be realized that under such conditions the Leins piano is the embodiment of careful workmanship and an ambition to excel. The Leins pianos are not produced in vast numbers, but each one is the result of deliberation and care. Leins pianos are now sold by many dealers and the factory output increases with the spread of the demand for good pianos. It may be said that the Leins piano is the product of one of the few remaining industries controlled by actual piano makers who personally superintend the progress of their pianos from beginning to the finished product. The Leins player piano is equally reliable and has won distinction by its merits.



Upright, player and grand pianos which bear this name arc of fine quality are manufactured by the Lester Piano Co., of Philadelphia. They are instruments of beautiful tone quality and superior workmanship. The material and construction are unexceptional and the Leonard stands high in the judgments of critical trade. Leonard pianos and players are increasing in popularity as they become widely known, and they are commended with the utmost assurance of satisfaction, and are sold by the best class of piano merchants throughout the country. Until recently the Leonard & Company line consisted of uprights and player-pianos only, which have become so popular with the trade because of their sterling quality and reasonable price that the company decided in 1925 to make the Leonard line complete by the addition of the Leonard & Company grand. This marvelous grand, while only 4 feet 11 inches long, possesses the tone and other desirable features found heretofore only in the larger grands.



Lester pianos won a high place in the world of music because of their sweetness of tone and the care expended in their construction. Adherence, on the part of the Lester Piano Co., to the principle of creating quality instruments, rather than to build vast numbers of pianos, has been the basis of Lester reputation. No detail in Lester construction, by which the tone and durability might he perfected, was permitted to pass. As a result, many famous pianists placed their approval upon Lester pianos. Among them a are such names as the famed director; Louise Homer. American artists; Campanari, eminent baritone; Alice Nielson, operatic soprano; Kneisel, violinist and concert meister; Bell Alten, soprano of Metropolitan opera, and scores of others; also many great music schools, as the New England Conservatory, of Boston; Syracuse University; Broad Street Conservatory, Philadelphia; Converse College, Spartansburg, S. C.; Lewisburg Female Institute, Lewisburg, W. Va.; East Carolina Teachers' Training School, Greenville, N. C., and many others. Lester pianos are used in nearly 100,000 homes, and in most of the public schools of Philadelphia. What could speak more plainly of piano merit? The Lester player-piano is no less prominent; its action is also the product of Lester Piano Co. factories, and it has many special features of recognized superiority. The latest addition to the Lester line is the Reproducing piano, operated electrically, in both upright and grand cases. The performances of the world's greatest pianists are accurately reproduced, among others the hand playing of Paderewski, Pugno, Josef Hofmann, Leopold Godowsky, Busoni, DePachmann, Gabrilowitsch. DeBussy and a host of other celebrities.



Reliable pianos of pleasing tone quality, attractive de signs and finish, and most durable construction. Made, marketed and guaranteed by Smith, Barnes & Strohber Co. Chicago. In creating the Lessing the manufacturers had in mind the great and growing demand for pianos of the utmost durability, to be sold at very high prices, and still to insure lasting value and satisfaction. Lessing player pianos are no less attractive. It need not be said that the Smith, Barnes & Strohber Co. Is an industry of unquestioned merit and ethics. The Lessing piano was the single most sought after instruments in areas of the country where bad weather was a factor. The Lessing was popular in Canada and Alaska. There is more Lessing upright pianos in use than any other manufacturer. Large factories in Chicago and North Milwaukee. One of the very few uprights worthy of restoration due to the excellence in materials and workmanship.



The Lindeman & Sons is the second oldest piano factory in America, Lindeman & Sons pianos have been manufactured since 1886, and have been famous for high quality and reasonable prices. The line includes uprights, grands and players, The Celco Reproducing Medium is included in Lindeman & Sons' pianos.



Manufactured for many years by M. Lindner, Buffalo, N. Y. They are instruments of good tone quality and durable construction, Mr. Lindner is a piano builder of note and he is ably assisted by Mr. C. F.Linder, also an expert piano specialist.



Pianos of beautiful design and hand crafted scrolling. See Jacob Doll & Sons.



Player pianos, coin operated, reproducing pipe organs and pianos, with selective rolls for theaters, etc. is manufactured by the Link Piano Co., Inc.,



Ludwig grands, uprights and player-pianos and reproducing pianos are noted for handsome case designs and full resonant and sympathetic quality of tone, and this, together with the high quality of the action, has established their superiority and popularity. They are fine instruments in which there is distinctive character and high order of attainment. The famous Ludwig instruments are manufactured by Ludwig & Co. a company of practical piano makers, and the foremen of the factories have been given an interest in the business in order that they should have an additional and personal incentive to attain the highest efficiency in their respective departments. This company is of high standing and responsibility

The plant being one of the finest and best equipped in the world. Ludwig & Co. Is the originator of the Unit Valve Player Action with which the Ludwig player-piano is equipped. The unit system, which permits each valve to be removed separately, appeal not only to the executive, but to the maintenance man. It reduces the upkeep expense to a minimum, because its mechanism, in perfect playing condition, is simple and easy. All parts of the players' action are easily accessible from the front without removing the action. The Ludwig player-piano is easily operated and its accurate and sensitive action leaves an effect like that of the human fingers and thereby affords correct musical expression. The construction of this player, combining simplicity, strength and durability, insures lasting service. The players' action, while a part of the piano, in no way interferes with hand playing. The Ludwig Piano was signally honored with a high award at the Paris Exposition of 1900 and it was given the highest award given to Ludwig pianos at the Pan American Exposition. Buffalo, N. Y., 1901, also the London Crystal Palace Exposition, London, England in 1902. A number of prominent artists and musicians have endorsed the Ludwig piano in terms of the highest praise.


LYON & HEALY The Lyon & Healy piano is the product of the old established general music house of the same name, of Chicago. Its manufacturers refuse to build in greater numbers than is consistent with the utmost care. The case designs are after sketches by well-known architects and are acknowledged models in their way. The "Apartment Grand" is an instrument of unique character and is recognized as a fine specimen of artistic piano manufacture. It presents some special features and in tone quality it is remarkable not only because of its power and clarity, but in that, while small in dimensions, it is in every essential feature a real grand. This instrument is also made in the popular art period designs. The new Lyon & Healy Concert Grand has already won commendation for its purity and sonority of tone. This instrument is full concert size. The Lyon & Healy Reproducing Piano is made both in grand and upright models. The instruments are attractive in designs, of admirable tone quality, and they have made a decided impression on the trade and music loving public. They are perfectly reliable in every particular. The manufacturers are experts and their experience has taught them what the piano buying people prefer.

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