"How to sell your Piano"

Whether you are selling an old Upright, a Spinet, Console, Studio or Concert Grand piano, you have decided to sell it for one reason or another, we provide this informative, easy-to-read Free Piano Seller's Guide to selling your own piano. This site is designed to provide you with an unbiased point of view into the sale of a piano.

Most people don't know how to sell their own piano for what it is worth and they wind up losing money when they sell it themselves. Do yourself a favor, educate yourself about the piano market before you attempt to sell your piano. This takes a little effort, but will help protect your investment.  A piano is a big ticket item, and people will ask plenty of questions about a piano so make sure you have all the facts.

You may only sell one piano in your lifetime. This guide should answer your questions and without weighing you down with mind-numbing techno-babble. Read it apply it and get the best price for your piano. There's a lot more to a piano than just the type and size. We will explain the differences as  we go, so you can make decisions based on facts.


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