HOWARD PIANO CO., Est. 1895, at Cincinnati, Ohio. For pianos prior to 1959 and after 1968 see Acrosonic (above) serial numbers. Howard spinet and console numbers for 1959 thru 1968 see below. Made by D. H. Baldwin in factory located in Conway, Arkansas. Made home organs in 1959 with this name. Since 1960 grands were made by Kawai with Kawai serial numbers, later grands were made by Samick. The serial numbers below (1959 through 1968) are for vertical pianos made in Conway, AR. Gibson Guitars acquired the Howard name in 2001, when they purchased the Baldwin Piano Co.
1959-40000 1961-49618 1963-63922 1965-82503 1967-103937
1960-43597 1962-56089 1964-72786 1966-93239 1968-106212